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Charity Auction and Giveaway!! August 14, 2014

I am hosting a charity auction on my Facebook page this week!! I gathered my designer friends and they have all added items with a portion of the proceeds going to my community playground! Read all about it here and then go bid on some amazing handmade boutique clothing and accessories!!

Then my multi-designer auction page is hosting a giveaway to celebrate our fans!! GO get those entries in

Today is also Thritfy Thursday at CKC Fans and our $1 auction item will be added around 10 am AND the next addition in the “Back to School” series opens tomorrow at 8pm!!

It’s a busy week for Boots and Bananas and the designers at CKC Fans go see what it’s all about!!


Well that was a crazy 2 weeks! August 11, 2014

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My fiance and I decided to get married (we were engaged for 18 months, we have two kids, it was time) so we did. We tied the knot at City Hall and had an amazing wedding weekend! Had a small party after, went to the zoo, hung out at home; just a perfect weekend.

Now it’s back to the grind!!!

What is going this week!!?? A TON

My business page, Boots and Bananas, is holding a charity auction to raise funds for my community playground! Want to donate? Check out the auction or click HERE to just give a few $$.

CKC Fans is going to be having a giveaway to celebrate getting to 5000 fans!! The “Characters” auction ends tonight and the “Geeks are Cool” auction starts on Friday!!

I have a bajillion orders to get out and lots of new stuff happening!!

Be sure to follow me on #instagram @bootsandbananas and also @CKCFans Auctions (check the sidebar for direct links!)

Have an AMAZING Monday and follow us for updates on whats going on and intros to designers and new items!!


Thursday re-share! July 31, 2014

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One of my fave pattern companies is Create Kids Couture, in fact my other facebook page, #CKCFans was created by all of us designers that love CKC, and the items we list for sale there are mostly based on their patterns. Anyway……….

They have a great blog that I follow and post tips and tricks, this week there were two I would love to share with those of you that sew!

Today there was a great post about folding your fabric. It looks so neat and organized. I do not use this method, my method is more “pile it up until it falls over and then repile it. This is NOT what your sewing space should look like (though most do and it is the sign of a busy designer that just doesn’t have time to clean up but still check out that post and then look at this pic-

messy fabric

messy fabric = busy but yuck

My other CKC reshare this week is about choosing the correct needle.  A very important and often overlooked part of the sewing process. I am constantly buying sizes and brands to get the best stitch so check this post out for some great info!




Welcome to Crazytown (or as I call it – Life as boutique designer) July 27, 2014

So it’s July (shhhhh it’s almost August) and once again I have let this blog slide into the unused abyss. Well slide no more.

I have been a busy busy bee. I have me (typo but I am leaving it because talking like a pirate is fun) own Facebook page, my Esty Shop has taken off, AND I also run a multi-designer Facebook page where we do weekly auctions and giveaways!

What are you going to see here going forward??

~Posts about new items
~Posts about sales
~Posts showing what myself or my designer team are working on
~Weekly event announcements and lists for upcoming themes
~Weekly posts about being a seller and how to improve your skills
~Random posts about my fave patterns, freebies, crafts and fun!

(oh and pictures of my kids because they are cute and like to pose)

This week at CKC Fans we are having the latest in our “Back to School” series – “What Frozen Things Do“. Think winter in July with a bit of our fave Ice Princess thrown in. Here is a teaser pic!

Frozen Upcycle


There is also an amazing giveaway over at one of my favorite pages, Poppy Petals and Lotus Leaves! I am giving away a dress and there are like 90 other prizes!! Enter HERE

(in case you didn’t notice, I like to add links, when i read something I want to be able to click and get there, so I provide you with that service free of charge)

Coming up on the blog this week I will be reposting info about shipping boutique clothing, sharing a great sewing tutorial (not mine) on making a cute little wristlet and will be introducing you to some of the amazing designers over at CKC Fans!!

Have an awesome day and please follow us and share with your friends!!




Marriage Isn’t For You November 3, 2013

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Marriage Isn’t For You.


And the Oscar goes to…… October 30, 2013

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Or mother of the year award, they are pretty much the same.

I have never worked so hard as a mom as I am recently and I used to work outside the home 60 hours a week (that seems long long ago, in a galaxy far away) while taking care of 3 kids and they all played sports.

Fast forward a few eons in time and here i sit at 12:30 am on October 30th making a costume for the teenager. I had planned on being almost done with it by this time but his baby sisters just did not want to go to sleep tonight. So I am here taking apart goodwill purchases and fashioning them back together to create something that looks like this

20131030-004426.jpg That is Pokemon trainer Ash in the FIRST season of the cartoon. There are slight differences. It must be this one. I have already made a Doc McStuffins costume and a Minnie Mouse costume. Those needed to be done by today for story time at the library. I did cheat and my 3rd grader got a store bought Captain America, I do have to make his shield at some point before trick or treat time.

In place of a mom made costume he gets mom as a parent volunteer. He really wanted me to be a part of his class so I filled out the room parent volunteer form. A tiny part of me thought “eh maybe so many people will volunteer that they will say they don’t need me, at least I tried”. Lmao yeah right. There are three of us. It is our job to coordinate activities (there are no “parties” anymore) and send notices to parents begging for a few $$ here and there to contribute toward our expenses. Of 17 kids I have received 4 donations (minus our 3 kids) and that leaves 10 kids whose parents couldnt even fill out their email address for us so we can keep them updated let alone send in even $1. That is a whole other story though.

For my first official duty I have purchased pumpkins and the kids are going to break into groups and scoop them out and count the seeds. Riveting stuff right?! Then they will create a bar graph (because that goes with their math curriculum) to see how many each had. I know you are dying to know – yes I will be at the school for this fun filled hour and will have both girls with me.

But back to my original point – how awesome I am. I really do love this. And sometimes I miss corporate lunches but this is what I do best and they may not give out awards for it (and really someone should, and I’m not talking about the handprint cards we get each may saying they love me) but hopefully when my kids have their own kids they will remember that day in the classroom or the costume made in the wee hours and will smile (and then call their lonely old mother and tell me they love me and that I am still as awesome as ever)


Donate to Breast Cancer and Win a Dress!! October 22, 2013

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Quick post to remind everyone that it is breast cancer awareness month! Have you had your boobies squished? I go in a few weeks and while it’s not high on my list of fave things, it is high on the need to do list.  Early detection saves lives!

I walked with my family this past weekend in remembrance of one aunt and in honor of another. She chooses to use the term “Overcomer” and even had a brand new tattoo to show off with that word.  In support of this cause I am raffling off a dress. Here is the link to buy a ticket and win a dress and help save the tatas!!



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