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Hello there Boots and Bananas friends and fans!!! July 13, 2013

Taking this highly unused blog in a whole new direction!! I will now be posting my ongoing projects, patterns I have purchased or will purchase or have used, sales and events on my page, spotlights on other pages and designers and much more. I will NOT bash anyone, if I don’t like a pattern or something I will not post about it specifically I may just in passing make comment about being grumbly. The point is to boost activity for myself and other awesome pages soooooooooooooooooooooooo…..

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Right now I am involved in my own page – Boots & Bananas, I am admin at a page for Create Kids Couture fans called CKC United (brand new page – go like it!!!) and I am also involved at another new page Chic Threads and Things.  

Oh and I am a mom to a bunch of kids, an awesome fiance and an all around cool chick. Check out my page for an awesome last hurrah to summer going on now through Tuesday (and there is a giveaway too!!) and be sure to comment here or there and say hi!!!


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